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I came to this country in 1975 and took some years to settle down. In 1985, myself and some friends (Dilip Acquilla, Om Sharma, Vithal Mahagan, Dr Saksena, the late Dr P Shrivastava), and many other decided to have a meeting. In 1986, in Reading, we had our first 'get together'. About 20 doctors from Senior and Junior batches came along.

It was a great success. We made up a working body, i.e. President, Secretary and Treasurer.

In subsequent years we used to hold annual meetings in different parts of the UK. It was very successful, meeting friends and families. It was nice to see the small children and grown ups.

All Bhopali medics contributed in the success of the meetings, a few are special such as Dr Dilip, Dr Om, Dr Vithal, Dr Vinod, Dr Saksena, the late Dr Shrivastava, Dr Sushama and Dr Ali (brothers and sisters), Dr Karim, Dr Navin and many others. Please forgive me if I have not mentioned the other names. In a winning team everyone does not have to be a great scorer.

Later on, young doctors came and they took over the association and are still meeting every year and it is getting bigger and even more successful.

Dr Ashok Gargav


It was a momentous occasion - 50 years of our college. An institution to which we owe everything that we are today. And we certainly did full justice to the Golden Jubilee of gandhi Medical College. We paid respects to our teachers, solemnly remembered departed colleagues and then as the sun set and dipped behind the London skyline, we chatted, danced, sang and made merry while sailing up and down the Thames.

Savour the moments, enjoy the sights - keep them for posterity.  

An evening on the Thames, Over 100 GMC graduatesand families partying on a chartered cruise boat with live Indian music and dinner on board.
our cruise boat
Our cruise boat
The Golden Salamander
London view London View

The Pleasure and the Pain -

Organizer's diary!!

Nov. 04 -  Organizers sound out the various ideas and venues for this celebration. We assess our sources of funding.

Dec. 04 -  Organising Committee meets and decides on Thames cruise.

February 05 -  Financial concerns and sluggish response generates a re-think of other cheaper options.

March 05 -  We decide to go ahead anyway.

May 05 -  Still struggling with numbers - will we - won't we, make it!!

June 05 -  Perseverance starts showing results. Much awaited interest.


and deposite starts coming in.

July-August 05-  Excitement builds up as the D-day draws near.

AUGUST 27TH - We pull it off!! Good

numbers, good weather and great fun!! the pictures tell it all !!


Annual Function Of Alumni in UK