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Establishment of Gandhi Medical College,Bhopal

Year: October 1946 Prince of Wales Hospitals,Lady Lane Hospital(Zanana Hospital)


Hamidia Hospital

Sultania Zanana

1946 October

H.H. the rule of Bhopal .Vision for improving the Medical facilities in the state; Ilnd World War over, He got 2 German ,National Experts al (Bairagarh Camp) Prof. Labor — for Establishmenrol Eye Clinic Dr ZigIan— for Dental Clinic

These two facilities constructed and provided.

Out patient unit constructed in Ladies Hospital, The Hamidia Hospital has limited area upto the existing stores and the gate was there for entry into Fategarh fort Hospital having 0.T., General Ward and private Ward, R.A.F. Ward and Special Wards unit for the ruler families . There were 60 beds only, Lady Bhor Clinic  Building constructed.

State Merged in 1949 — Part 'C' state administration.

The state armed forces, property was taken over, i.e. Sultania, Infantry, Gohar Tai and related Quarter Master Properties.

Thus, Fatehgarh, Commanding Officer, Officer, C M H. and Magazine stairs all taken over area within the fortified wall, and upper lake towards South side.

Bhopal State (comprising two districts Sehore, Raisen)

Bhopal city population maximum just 40,000.

Union Government .. 1st Five Year Plan came into being for the even development of the country. Bhopal - two district, 40 MLAs (3 minister including CM, Dr. SD Sharma, H.E. Bhagwan Sahay, ICS Chief Commissioner, 3rd C.C. Vishwa Nathan , Shri NB Bonee ICS, HE, ICS. A great visionary, got the team of dedicated professionals . The conflict having visited the efficiencies Got SV Polytechnic Building, Hon. Lal Bahadur Shastri took keen interest laid foundation stone, various other development in education, medical-veterinary, law/ order(police welfare), housing got leap.

The TB Hospital, Foundation stone land by H.E. Gopalswamy lyengar, Minister of State.The C.M. / Chief Commissioner, dreamt of keeping Bhopal welfare in mind and bring to parallel and not keeping behind in the region, establishment of a Medical College.

Medical College — Establishment a job by its self.

Terms and condition

Facilities for education, buildings, service, equipment and number of beds availability (practical), medical / surgical staff etc. Availability of land area.


When the project concerned, being part 'C' State having administration, Technical Sections, powers only upto Rs 1 lakh. Further Central Government has to be approached administration (800 bed required to start with. This, a task  by itself, we got into it. New, 0.T., Medical and surgical ward, 3 storied,   - nurses quarter  BMH, Development to beds ,staff residence  " Sultania Zanana Hospital, Additional beds (by conversions), TB clinic / Additional wards in TB Hospital with grant for Raily Rehabilitation and so on.

Col Chopra HD of Mission in DG, M.H. Shri Shastri in Minister of Health Architect helped in planning Hon. Jagjiwan Ram, Raikumari Amrit Kaur, Mehab Chand Khanna, Shushila Nayar and on Top HE Lal Bahadur Shastri.

The Project: Sanction, Establishment of Medical College.

The S.V.B. Building was adopted for start Medical College.

Hon. Lal Bahadur Shastri inaugurated Gandhi Medical College 1st Batch on 13th August 1 955. Dr Sinha

Shasti ji, Dr Sharma on stage Shastri spoke sincerely that  got Dr Sharma to weep.

The undersigned has the opportunity Mr MF Beg, Chief Engineer, fully trusted and cooperation and gave all go  ahead .

New Building, Site Admn.

Ministry layout plan Model

H.M. Lt Govind Vallabh Pant in 1956 September 15  the foundation stone laid  started, one Executive Engineer for CPWD joined. HE. King of Nepal laid Hostel building. H.H Nawab Hamidullah donated land.

Bhopal became capital of Madhya Pradesh in October 1956.. State took over executive and made further development and finance.

Building completed 23 march 1963. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Prime minister of India inaugurated Gandhi Statute installed.   in Gandhi Medical College. Dr Singh was the Dean / Principal —then we have new out patient block.

Kamla Nehru Block and these is  no end to development. We must move further serving humanity services

Developmentlap not  being left behind.

Undersigned as Architect Planner, Execution, liaosoning  has the privilege to be  associated.

Madhya Pradesh, the projects gave encouragement for establishment of Jabalpur, Raipur, Rewa and Bilaspur Medical Colleges after Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal