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1. Total 133 Students admitted in year 1979 in GMC ; 2 students left the medical Studies in very first year. About 18 students took transfer to lndore in first year.

2. We had first Class picnic in July 1980 at Delawadi.

3. The year 1982 we had our NSS camp at Chiklod where the Tent collapsed but one brave girl of our batch Ms. Sushma Soni holded the tent and avoided injury o any of batch mates.

4. The 1983 after election the bus which was going for College picnic met with an accident and fully loaded bus turned by side. Three students of our Batch Mr. Ramesh Madhav, Mr. Shekhar Shrivastava & Mr. Shirish Upasani came out c-1ri-lediaty from the bus without taking care of burn, they sustained by hot gear oil and took out everybody form bus in minutes and avoided any causality. Only one student Ms. Sulakshana Sohni of junior batch had serious injury and her toes of one foot got traumatic amputated Rest everybody was Saved with the grace of god.

5. In 1985 few of our batch mates represented College to attend State level camp at Rend ma Road,

6. In year 1980 the batch has participated in full swing for arrangement of the Silver .Jubilee Celebration of GMC in all field like fine art, Sports, different departments Physiology & Other. The batch members has Changed the complete get up of Auditorium of GMC which lasted of many years after Silver Jubilee Celebrations.

7. One Of the batch mate Dr. K. C. Raikwar is a proud sportsman of the batch. He is a national level swimmer and awarded with prestigious Vikram Award in 2006. He won 53 national level competition and out of which he won 33 gold Medal, 11 Silver medals and 9 Bronze medals. He crossed the width of upper lake in record time

8. There are so many Students who are heading there specialty • in different part of country as well as world.

9. Many of students settled outside the country and are of international reput like (1) Dr. Anand Gore (2) Dr. Kamal Verma (3) Dr. Rajan K. Cherian (4)Dr. Rajiv Bhandula (5) Dr. Sanjay Mittal (6)Dr. ihawar (7) Dr. Shobla Ramanna (8)Dr. Seema Sharma (9)Dr. Sujata 1-lariyal 10) Dr. R. Vasanti (11) Dr. Rizwana Rizwi (12) Dr. Kamlesh Punjabi

10. 7 Of the Batch mates Left for heavenly abode.