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From the Desk of Dr. L.P Singh:

The 1965 is the batch of  Gandhi (V.K.)- a Nehru ( Ratna ) & a Jinnah( M.H   ) .

Alumni of this batch have excelled in all the spheres of life not only while in college but also later in their career.

Dr.V.K.Pandya - Vice Chancellor of Peoples university, Bhopal .

Retd. as professor- Dr.Shail Govil (Radiology), Dr.Chaya Bannerji  (Anatomy )  Dr.Kiran Dukku (Physiology) Dr.Mohan Lal Dubey (Parasitology ), Dr.K.P.Dubey (Anaestheseology ) Dr.S.N.Luley ( E.N.T.),dr. Veena Varihok,(Anatomy) Dr. Sujata Gupta(Pharmocology).

Retired as Chief Medical Officer - Dr.R.K.Patel , Dr.Sudama Lal Mittal ,Dr. G.K.Sharma and Dr.K.C.Pathak and Dr. Dilip Wipat.

Retd. as HOD- Dr. Subhash Devgan (Medicine),V.K Handa ( Medicine),Dr. .KK Chourey, (Orthopaedics),Dr. L.P Singh (Dermatology),Dr. Madhavi Pathak ( Obs. & Gyn ), Dr. Shishir nigam

 Dr.Pushpa Talwar, Head Gynaecology -First Lady General Manager of a ( BHEL ).

Dr.R.C.Sharma - Chairman of the Medical Board Of Air India. Dr.Nirmala Sharma- Post & Telegraph

Served in Army- Dr. Chandrakant Sharma( Awarded Veer Chakra), Dr.Santosh Govil , Dr.M.M.Dubey , , Dr.Neera Bhargava .Dr. Mohan Bansiwal and  Dr.N.P.Sharma served in Indian Navy.

Settled in U.K-Dr. Dilip Acquilla .Dr.A.K.Johri , Dr.Asha Saxena

In Middle East-Dr. Ratna Nehru, ,Dr.A.M.Khan, Dr.Sajida Sultan , Dr.S.M.Laiq , Dr.Kunda Nafde , Dr. M.H Ansari  

In U.S.A. -Dr.Savita Mirchandani , and Dr.Savita Dutta

Established as G.P and are Elite of town

Dr.Ashok Billore(Harda/Hoshangabad): Dr. A.G. Malpe (Yawatmal),Dr. A.Belapurkar ( Jalgaon) , Dr.A.R.Dalla ,Dr.B.G.Vyas (Piparia), ; Dr.D.C.Surana (Shajapur ) ,Dr.Jayant Vasa (Bhuj), Dr. Renu Caprihan ( New Delhi), Dr.R.P.Tiwari(Ganj Basoda);Dr.R.K.Goel (Ashok Nagar); Dr. Rukhsana Siddiqui, Dr. S.K Vyas( Bhopal), Dr. S. K Daga( Bhopal) Dr.S.N.Pamecha(Mandsaur);Dr.Santosh Nema(Kareli);Dr.U.C.Vyas (Dhar) ,Dr.Shailja Bhusari( Sholapur) and Dr.Shaila Muley( Betul).

Dr.A.R.Dalla & Dr.N.D.Gargav deserve special mention as they have created History in the College. Dr. Gargav a philanthropist by nature and a keen social worker - always engaged in helping others. As a Professor of ENT, Director R D Gardi Medical College Ujjain, Member Board of Governors TIT Group of Institutions Bhopal  He is respected and treated like A God Father by many. Dr. Dalla has a multi faceted personality engaged in several activities like research work on Sickle cell Disease,  publication of books on the same ( the book was released by the then Honorable President of India ,Pratibha Patil ). An International conference on Sickle Cell Disease was held at Raipur under his Chairmanship. Was Chairman of Indian Red Cross Society, Chattisgarh; Chairman of the ethical committee Medical College, Raipur; and Chairman of the Chhatisgarh Horticulture Society.

We consider ourselves unfortunate not to have following colleagues amongst us due to their untimely demise-

Dr. P.K Birle, Sobha Shukla, Dr. Rajkumari Chopra,Dr. Deshraj Malik,Dr. V.K.Saxena, Dr. Khema Munshi,Dr. Dilip Ranade, Dr. G. S Ataram,Dr. S.M. Masood, Dr. A.K Modi, Dr. H.C Singh, Dr. Mridula Shrivastava, Dr. M.C Jain, Dr. S.S Rajurkar, Dr. Vishnu Prashad Dubey, Dr. S.S Rai.