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The college was established in 1955 with an initial batch of 50 students, Dr. S.C.Sinha as the first principal.

The batch-1966 ,THE ELEVENTH CONSECUTIVE BATCH, had 150 students with merit students, Central Govt. nominees.

The batch had the pride of having three gold medals in 1st MBBS exam never before

The batch has had many first to its credit

  1.  Dr Nirbhaya Shrivastava was the first Dean (select) to head the alma mater
  2.  Highest no of students from a single batch (Seven Dr S K Sharma, Dr. V.N.Saxena and Dr. S.C.Gupta    joined Army Medical Corps by university selection. Dr. Girijesh Saxena, Dr.GK.M.Rao and Dr RK Mehta            joined subsequently)
  3.  Lt Gen (Dr) Shiv Kumar Sharma was first ever from the alma mater to reach the highest rank a i  doctor can reach armed forces.      
  4.  Dr Sushma Aquilla (Dharandharia) was the first from the alma mater to reach the highest rank and appointment as Director Health services of UK and the Dean. Deanry of health services Loondon.
  5.  Dr O P Saxena attained the highest medical office of The Executive Director Medical Services, Coal India Ltd.
  6.  Dr D K Saxena attained the highest office of The Addl Director Aids Control Society .Govt of Gujrat Ahemdabad


                The batch celebrate its 25th year SILVER JUBILEE in the year 1991 at Bhopal..

                It is  year 2011  the batch organised its own group YADEIN-66 as an standing committee with Dr SAS Kazmi as the Chair person. Col(Dr) Girijesh Saxena as the Co- Chair person, Dr, Rajesh Sood Organising secretary.

                The batch under the agies of YADIEN 66, celebrated its 45th year of being in profession in a grand way as MILAN-11 on 11th and 12th Feb 2011, joined by approximately 80% of the batch students. The highlights of the programme were :

  • 11 Feb 2011     

 FIRST HALF: Gathering of batch fellows at hot tea,Welcoming the august gathering, chief guest and  other invitees  Honouring the teachers, batch achievers and the body donor  kin’s.Ending session with the HOMAGE to                                                         batch mates no more with us by Dr Vijay Pagare                                                   

 SECOND HALF: Meet your batch Mets and their spouses

 EVENING: Musical evening and dinner at MOTEL SHIRAZ Bhopal.

  • 12 Feb 2012      

  Picnic at Kerba dam and the Kerba forest eco park and parting off tea at picnic hut kerba.

The batch under YADEIN-66  agies of has adopted a resolution to meet every month on 4th sun day of the month over lunch at a fixed place and time to facilitate its members local and out station meeting regularly, a satisfied strength of approximately 30 out    of approximately 48 Batch metes settled at Bhopal.

                                   The batch under YADEIN-66, had a picnic of local and neighbouring district fellow students at Delawadi jungle resort on 29 Jan 12.

                                   The batch under YADEIN-66 had a picnic at Halali damn on 17 Feb. 2013