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Alumnus and Alumni are cause & effect of the academic world,and though the institution chisels the formative period of the students , the latter do leave a permanent imprint on the former.It is an everlasting relationship, but as we know all relationship should occasionally be renewed. In order to revive the association among our old friends  & institution have  a brief summary of 1977 batch-

Batch 1977

Super Specialist-

Dr. Anju Kalra (Pediatrics Surgery)

Dr. Vinayak Shukla ( Cardio thoracic & Vascular Surgery )

Dr. Ajit  Verma DM ( Neurology)

Dr. Jai Ram Iyer DNB ( Cardiology)

Dr. Shirish Dhoble ,DNB ( Cardio Thorasic Surgery )

Dr. Snehlata Rai M.D PHD ( Medicine )

Best Singer- Shubhada Tilak ( 1977-78 )

Represented Bhojpal University

Dr. Anirudh Bannerjee- Weight Lifting ( 1977-78, 1978-1979,1979-1980)

Dr. Raj kumar Jain- Lawn Tennis- (1978-79, 1979-80)

Dr. Raj kumar Jain Cricket- (1980-81)

Dr. Asheesh Patel Chess- (1978-79, 1979-80 , 1980-81)

Dr. D K Singh chess- (1979-80)

KAK Memorial Medal- Gurdeep Singh (1982-83)

REZA Foundation Award for Poetry- Dr. Shirish Dhoble

Dr Udhyan Vajpayee- Many Literary Awards, Fellow ship,Renowed poet,writer

Dr. Ayaz Ahmed Yousuf Za Gen Sec- (1980-81) GMC Silver Jubilee Year


Dinesh Kaushal- President

Shambu Sharan Singh –Vice President

Jai Laxmi Naidu- Girls Representative

Dinesh Kaushal-Lit & Scientific Society  Sec- (1981 -82)

Dr. Kuldeep Saxena- Secretary Cine Club(1978- 1982)

Dr. Kuldeep Saxena Jt. Secretary of GMC Alumni

Dr. Jayesh President Paediatric Association Chattisgarh

Write up by

Kuldeep Saxena