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ABOUT COLLEGE - Status Of College Today


The department of Physiology was established in the year 1956 with Dr. S. N. Mathur as the first and Dr.Asha Shrivastava as the current Head of Department. The upgraded department is equipped with sophisticated modern equipments to cater the hospital need. Department is doing TMT, PFT, ECG, EEG, EMG, NCV, VEP, autonomic function testing, hematological & biochemical investigations of the patients referred to the department. Post graduate students who have completed their MD course and are placed as faculty members in various institutions of repute in & outside the state, medical colleges. Recently PG students of department were awarded “Best research award under scheme of state government.


The department of pharmacology is conducting course in Ph.D. under Barkattuallh University Bhopal. A clinical research unit of Central Council of Unani Medicine, New Delhi is functioning under the department. Dr. Arun Shrivastava is the current head of the department.


The department is a well equipped with automated and modern equipments and trained personals that operates round the clock. Histology, cytology, hematology, coagulation studies and biochemical investigations are done for both inpatients and outpatients.  The department is also involved in providing comprehensive care to the Hemophilia patients of the state. In collaboration with ICMR, the department operates a Population Based cancer Registry which is a part of National Cancer Registry Programme. Organizing CME and Workshops is a regular feature of the department. Dr. Reeni Malik is the head of the department.

The Blood Bank of Hamidia Hospital which is under the department is a state of the art blood bank. There is a mobile Blood Bank Van which is regularly used for organizing blood donation camp. The number of units supplied by the blood bank is more than 15000 units per year which is probably highest in the state.



Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. V. K. Sharma the department is actively involved in providing regular OPD services along with special care services in Dermatology, Neurology, Diabetics, Geriatric Medicine, Neonatology, Chest Diseases and Leprosy. CMEs and special camps on epilepsy and diabetics are a regular feature of the department. 

Department Of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology, of the college, was established by Dr. (Prof.) Heeresh Chandra, Head of the Department; in association with Medico-Legal Institute, Government of Madhya Pradesh. In association with MLI, the department has in-house osteology, histology toxicology and photography sections.  It is considered as the best in forensic medicine in whole of India. The top class work in autopsy, bone examinationn, expert opinions, and solving other medico-legal cases such as sexual assault, age estimation, and injury cases highlights the importance of this department. The department takes pride in attributing all the Head of the departments to the Government Medical Colleges of Madhya Pradesh, including Head of the Department  AIIMS, Bhopal, as its alumni.

The department is presently headed by Dr. B. P. Dubey. Till 2010  the department had the privilege of running the only Post-Graduation course of Forensic medicine  in whole of Madhya Pradesh, and since this year the seats has been increased to three.

The department in collaboration with Medico-Legal Institute helps in imparting training to senior judicial officers, senior police officers and staff, medical officers; and also in demonstration of autopsy to the students of all the private medical colleges and other Government colleges of Madhya Pradesh.

The Forensic Medicine Department has its regular yearly representation at National Conferences and paper publications in national and international journals annually.


Pediatrics Medicine has 140 beds which include 30 bedded level -3 SNCU and 10 bedded PICU. The Newborn care unit and PICU are well equipped with the most modern and state of art equipment with adequate mechanical ventilators, monitors, infant warmers, CPAPs etc.  There is also a playroom. Dr. R. Dwived is the head of the Department.

 There are special clinics for Epilepsy, Asthma & Allergy clinic, Developmental clinic for follow up of high risk newborns & a State Adolescent Research & Recourses Centre  for Adolescents under NRHM  offering preventive, promotive  and clinical  services   & Counselling in centre as well as outreach services & Immunization clinic.

The department is involved in WHO National Polio Certification, ICMR Research on “Prevalence of Rotavirus”. It is also training centre for various National Neonatal and Child Health Programmes.


Dr. M. C. Songra M.S., M.Ch. (Urology- AIIMS, New Delhi) is head of the department of surgery. The Department is running P.G. course in General Surgery with annual intake of twelve students.

Apart from daily general surgical OPD, department is also running daily Neurosurgery and Bi weekly Uro Surgical and Gastro surgery OPD’s. All the major surgical procedures including Laproscopic, endo urological and Neurosurgical operations are performed daily.

The department is actively involved in organizing various academic activities, during the year 2013, the department has organized workshops and CMEs on “Pediatric Urology Update”, “Management Of Sepsis”, “Rational Use Of Blood Product”, “Science Of Tissue Management & Advances In Abdominal Wall Closure” and  “Advances In Surgical Management Of Prostate Cancer”. 


Placed in the Sultania Zanan Hospital under the able guidance of Dr. Aruna Kumar  the department conducts its OPD and routine surgical procedures along with procedure like surgical recanalisation. The department is also involved in providing training in laparoscopic tubectomy, MTP & MVA.

Candidates taking training in general nursing at the .Hamidia Hospital, are posted to Sultania Zanana Hospital, for training in Gynaecology and Midwifery.


The Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Bhopal is located in the beautiful Heritage building, of Hamidia Hospital Campus. It is the upgraded department of Ophthalmology of the Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. It has specialty clinics like Cornea, Glaucoma, squint and Oculoplasty, pediatricophthalmology and Retina equipped with advanced equipments like OCT, B-scan, Fundus Fluorescein angiograph, etc. It has an Eye Bank. Modern advanced microsurgical procedures like corneal transplantation, limbal cell transplantation, amniotic membrane transplantation, phacoemulsification, glaucoma surgery, squint, retinal detachment surgery are being performed here.

The Regional institute of ophthalmology under the leadership of Dr.Reena Anand is actively involved in community ophthalmology and regularly organizing cataract surgery camps and school surveys. It regularly organizes public awareness campaigns like Eye Donation fortnight, glaucoma week, doordarshan and Aakashwani talks.


Department Of Radiotherapy

Established in the year 1995 the department of radiotherapy is lead by Dr. O. P. Singh. Facilitated with Advanced Treatment Planning System the department provides services of Radiotherapy and brachy therapy. It is also involved in providing Chemotherapy. 

Department of Radio diagnosis

Located in Kamla Nehru Hospital the department of radiodignosis has round the clock facility of CT scan, interventional procedures and ultra sonography. Fiber optic procedures are done under IITV X-ray machine. Dr. Lovely Kaushal is head of the department.


Department of Anatomy is among the oldest Department of the Medical College. Headed by Dr. Asha Dixit the department is equipped with an Elegant Museum having 700 Specimen and 300 Models, from human Anatomy, Comparative Anatomy and embryology. The histology- has microscopes, Slide projectors, microtome, dissection microscopes and computes with LCD Projectors. The Osteology section has Osteological bone bank comp rating ISO Bone sets, Skeletons for educational and Research purpose. The Dissection Hall is a state of art, dissection hall, having facilities of embalming body preservation, body injectors, mortuary coolers, air purifier and cooling cabinet.

Body donation is encouraged by the department which has accepted lot of bodies donated in past years for Medical Study Purpose. Department extends its sincere thanks to them and their families.



Biochemistry shares the, major contribution of Nobel Prizes in medicine. Medical Biochemistry branch came into existence in 1981 a decade in the eye of latest advancements in the field of clinical diagnosis. As an independent branch, medical students have been taught the basics of biological compositions, reactions, normal and abnormal constituents in blood and body fluids. Dr.Tripti Saxena heads the department.

PhD and M.Sc degree in Medical Biochemistry has been in successful progression. Diploma in clinical biochemistry has also been run under the department. 


Established in year 1957, the department is Headed By (Prof.) Dr. D. K. Pal. The department is having well equipped Laboratory, Museum, Demonstration hall, Conference Hallwith audio visual facility, Lecture Hall with audio visual facility, and Library with latest updated Books and Journals.

ARV clinic is run by Department of Community Medicine, the department is actively involved conducting many field activities related to National Health Programmes. Training for Medical Officers of various districts of M.P. is conducted namely STI/RTI Control Programme, AIDS Control Programme, National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme. Department is also conducting Problem solving for Better Health activity for MBBS Final Part-1 students since 10 years in which the undergraduate students are conducting many research activities. There are ongoing ICMR research projects and Projects from Population foundation of India.


The Department of Microbiology is the youngest Independent Department of Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal. After its separation from Department of Pathology in 1997 the Department is conducting Microbiology classes for IInd Professional MBBS and Post Graduate student. The Department undertakes Laboratory diagnosis of Infectious Diseases, Antimicrobial Susceptibility control, Hospital Infection¸ Surveillance and Epidemic Investigations.

The Department also houses ­World Health Organization Sub National Laboratory (One of the Eight in India), Western Blot Testing facility (One of Twelve in India) and State Reference Laboratory for HIV AIDS. The Department also in the process of getting a Rs.23.00 Crores State Virology Reference Laboratory (The only one of its kind in the State of M.P. and C.G.). Prof. Dr. Deepak Dube is the head of the department.


Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology Gandhi Medical College, under the leadership of Professor Sanjiv Gaur is performing maximum number of Orthopaedic Surgeries in any Government Hospital in state of Madhya Pradesh. This is the only Government hospital which is providing state of art Arthroscopic surgeries to the people of Madhya Pradesh. This Department is performing Hip and Knee Replacement surgeries regularly since last 13 years with excellent outcomes. Under the National Trauma Centre on Highway scheme, Department of Orthopaedics is recognised as Level I Trauma Centre providing comprehensive trauma services since long.  Along with Trauma, Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty services Department is providing care to patients with spinal, bone tumour, congenital anomalies problem.

Apart from a wide spectrum of clinical services which department is offering, teaching is a focus area of this department. Department of Orthopaedics is involved in all sorts of academic activities like, CME, conferences, training courses to different health care personnel.


The department of Psychiatry was declared as a separate department in the year 1999. It is headed by Dr. R. N. Sahu. The department holds special OPD (Jail) every week besides routine OPD work. It holds regular camps to screen mentally retarded patients and provides them disability certificates and treatment.


Dr. Ana Alex is the head of the department.


Dr. R.K. Jain is the head of the department


Unit of Plastic surgery was upgraded to independent Department of Plastic Surgery in the year May’2002, Professor P. K. Sharma was the first Head Of the Department and Dr.(Mrs.) S. Dave was the Associated professor. Dr. Arun Bhatnagar who brought in the latest techniques and gave new heights to the department and he is currently heading the department. The department of Plastic Surgery at Gandhi medical College is the only department in entire Madhya Pradesh and caters to the need not only of entire population of Madhya Pradesh patient but adjacent states as well for Burns, Reconstructive and cosmetic Plastic Surgery.  In last 12 years approximately 75000 patients have been seen and treated in OPD and approximately more than 15000 major operations have been performed.


The department of Anesthesiology is providing anesthesia in 12 operation theatres for conducting 12000 surgeries every year which also includes cardiac surgeries. It conducts more than 5500 preanaesthesia check-ups in a year. It also provides training to residents of various departments of CPR & Advance life support. Dr. Ajay K. Vatal is the current head of the department.


The department was established in the year 1995. Under the cardiac science centre, the department extends various cardiological services to its patients which include cath lab procedures with facilities for color Doppler, Holter, TMT, Echo Cardiography. Dr. Yogesh Verma is head of the cardiology department.


The department of Cardiothoracic surgery developed into a full fledge independent department in the year 2001. It has facilities for Closed and Open Heart Surgery for various vascular & Congenital Cardiac Problem, Coronary artery bypass surgery, lung and Oesophageal surgeries etc. The department is also in doing life saving emergency cardio vascular surgeries, FB in Oesophagus, Bronchus & Cardiovascular trauma.


Established in the year 1995 the department of radiotherapy is lead by Dr. O. P. Singh. Facilitated with Advanced Treatment Planning System the department provides services of Radiotherapy and brachytherapy. It is also involved in providing Chemotherapy. 


Located in Kamla Nehru Hospital the department of radiodignosis has round the clock facility of CT Scan, interventional procedures and ultra sonography. Fiber optic procedures are done under IITV X-ray machine. Dr. Lovely Kaushal is head of the department.


The department created in the year 1997 is headed by Dr. K.S.Budhwani. It is running a super specialty course M.Ch. in Pardiatric Surgery. All laparoscopic and urological procedures are being conducted in the department.

The students of the college are enthusiastically participating in the academic, sports, social and cultural activities with lot of passion at state and national level. Doctors of the college and its associated hospitals are actively carrying out their duties and serving the humanity with full commitment. Over the years many of the alumni of the college with their dedication and hard work in the country and abroad have brought laurels to the institution.