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ABOUT COLLEGE - First of Student Activities


1. Birth of ( fine art)." Dramatic Association " was in Sept. 1957.
2. First College function Was organized by Vinod Kumar Saxena,Class Representative( 1year) under guidance of Dr. K.N. Bhargav ( Prof. of Anatomy),President of Dramatic Association.
3. The first ever programme in the college history was " Puja Dance" by Ku. Indira Variyar D/Shri M.C. Variyar the then HOD of Bio- Chemistry.

The First one at Play was " Diya Bujh Gaya" , written by Shri Sartar Singh Duggle. The cast were Ku. Saroj Sahgal,Ku. Savad Ahsan,J.K. Tandan B.N. Tandan ( Saroj Sahgal was awardedprize for best all round performance and best artist Ku. Ratna Tuladhar-Best Singer)


The first College Magazine was published in June -Sept 1957

6. The first Sports Meet was organized in Nov 1956 at Shamla Hill Ground.
7. The first Student editor was shri V.S Mathur (4 year ) feb 1959.

In the year 1957-58 various society sports ,Fine arts, Scientific & Student Aid Societycame into existence.Nomination of office bearers was done by College authority.


The First College elected student Association was formed in the year 1961-62.( The Constitution of Forming Student Association & holding its election was drafted by N.K. Mahadik and P. Sri Kumar was in the hand writinf of Vijay Kak. A.R. Mahadik and ijay Kak were the pillars of the whole process. Elections were unanimous.)

10. First Elected Body was
  Gen .Sec Sports Sec Lit/Scientific Student Aid Fine Arts
  V.K. Kak N.E.A Khan P.Srikumar D.P.Singh V.K. Hanery
Jt. Sec N.K Mahadik R.K Agarwal N. Chandrshekhar Wasim Iqbal V.K Antolikar