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We from all walks of life had come together at GMC and were like a family for full five years. We had hardly any responsilbility and we were all there to study. But Those were not only the days of College,studies, teachers, and books. Tere was canteen time and funtime, hostel life, and enjoyment,general raggings and general tadis,cultural finctions and sports events,caring and fighting,sharing and teasing. Bunking of Classes for movies,PSM Families and excursions,evening clinics and picnics were all parts of those teenage days.

Our Institutions and its dedicated  teachers took the responsibility to shape the wet clay in us for making us knowledgeable,responsible and dedicated doctors.They nurture us so that we as citizens of India take the responsibility of serving the diseased and reducing the suffering of humanity.

We bow with gratitude to our Alma matter and  our dedicated sculptors for the credit that we today have achieved new heights,working far and wide bringing laurels to our institutions.