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ABOUT COLLEGE - Alumni at National Level


Alumni who became office bearerat National Level
Dr. P.C. Manoriya
Dr. PC Manoria
(Indian College of Cardiology Society of Clinical Pharmacalogy and Therapeutics Geriatric Society of India)
Dr. V.M. Agnihotri
Dr. VM Agnihotri
(Indian Society of Anesthesia 2005)
Dr. R.C. Agrawal
Dr. RC Agrawal
(Indian Society of Anesthesia 2004)
Dr. C.P. Diwani
Dr. CP Diwani
(Nursing home and Hospital Assoc. 1993-95)
Dr. R.K. Jain
Dr. RK Jain
(Indian Radiological & Imaging Assoc. 2001)
Dr. Bhanu Dubey
Dr. Bhanu Dubey
(Indian Society of Forensic Medicin)
Dr. A.N. Chouhan
Dr. AN Chouhan
(All India Rhinology Society 2002-03)
Dr. S.S. Yesikar
Dr. SS Yesikar
(National Congress of Diabities)